Kenturah's Kitchen presents "All the World's a Stage"

Never before have Shakespeare's words been more applicable than today: the world is a stage for (almost) everyone.

The Dutch piano trio Kenturah's Kitchen has entered into a partnership with the Amsterdam spoken word/rap artist BLESZ. The whole is complemented by 2 violins and a cello.


The poetic lyrics of BLESZ and the cross-border music of Kenturah's Kitchen & Strings together form a beautiful and powerful whole. Reinforcing each other in word, image and music.
BLESZ's lyrics, which he wrote especially on Ed Baatsen's compositions, are often committed and socially critical, but always with a positive message.
The tolerance and inclusion that the trio has towards musical styles can be found in the lyrics of BLESZ. Connection of music styles, connection in society.

Many influences can be heard in the music of Kenturah's Kitchen: rock, (modern) classical, hip hop / R & B, but the basis is jazz. The trio works with many contrasts in the music: a repetitive structure versus chaos, changing time signatures, sudden turns and free improvisations versus beautiful melodies and a nice groove.
The strings give an intimate, chamber music-like atmosphere to the whole.

Demo recordings of 'Trammelant' :

Live at Bibliotheek Theatre Den Haag:

The program of "All the World's a Stage" is exciting and very varied. For example, during the set there will be played in different compositions: spoken word and solo piano, trio with strings, spoken word with string quartet, etc. and of course in full line-up.
The repertoire consists solely of own work, both text and music.

The band members are:

Blesz – spoken word/rap
Nea Korpelainen – 1st violin
Jorien Muste – 2nd violin
Ingunn Kristjánnsdóttir – cello
Ed Baatsen – piano, fender rhodes
Han Slinger – double bass
Bert Kamsteeg – drums

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