Capricious Dance chosen as best album of the year by Jazzism

Capricious Dance

Jazzism, dec 2022 (NL)

CD review

Capricious Dance

Jazzenzo, sep 2022 (NL)
'Not your average Jazz trio"
Interview with Ed Baatsen
Jazzism, Feb 2022 (NL)
"Ed Baatsen is looking for the way from freedom to chaos"
Interview with Ed Baatsen
Rinus van der Heijden, Nov 2020 (NL)
"Certainly, Kenturah's Kitchen likes to lay down a catchy groove and ditto melody. But the gentlemen from The Hague regularly walk very pleasantly out of step, playful and free."
Jazz & Mo about Mosavans
Mischa Andriessen, 2020 (NL)
"This makes the album special, a true gem"
Draai om je oren about Mosavans
Koen Scherer, 2020 (NL)
"This is a document that goes far beyond what you usually get from piano trios"
JazzNu about Mosavans
Rinus van der Heijden, 2020 (NL)
"An excellent trio that deserves more attention"
Jazzenzo about Mosavans
Mathijs van der Berg, 2020 (NL)
In the kitchen of Ed Baatsen, 2020
De nieuwe muze about Mosavans
In Ed Baatsens Kitchen, 2020
"The compositions are internalized, the music detached from paper"
Jazzflitz about Mosavans
Jeroen de Valk, 2020 (NL)
Jazzism about Mosavans
Ken Vos, 2020 (NL)

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